Star Tours

A Cyborg. A Sparkly Jumpsuit. 70+ School Gym-Cafe-Toriums

This touring Star Trek inspired, sketch comedy with music taught me more about acting than I ever would have predicted. Performing the same show to over 15,000 kiddos, there with highs and lows along the weeks. While the script changed many times during our rehearsal and devising process, ultimately I got to sing a polka as Einstein, visit the ISS as elderly Helen, and join in our adventurous trio as Digit – half robot, half human, all business!

Audience Feedback

“Dear Star Tours Actors, you rocked that show. My favorite actor was the one who played the old lady, half woman and half robot. I am grateful because I realize I can be anything I want to be. You guys gave me motivation to be great.” – Star Tours Audience Member

Development and Performance History

Star Tours was collaboratively written and created by Eric Wunsch, Richie Combs-Cannaday, Amy Rene Byrne, Jacob Tarconish and Morgan McKenzie Kauffman.

Presented by The Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble as part of their Theatre in the Classroom initiative.

Star Tours toured over 70 elementary and middle schools, libraries and other venues, reaching around 15,000 children in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


March – May, 2019


Morgan McKenzie Kauffman – Digit, Sally Ride, Albert Einstein, Helen, The Roman Inquisition

KD McTeigue – Captain Smarté, Peggy Whitson, The Roman Inquisition

Jacob Tarconish – Morph, Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, Galileo, Yuri Gagarin, Laika, Harold, The Sun


Directed by – Richie Combs-Canaday and Amy Rene Byrne

Production Stage Manager – Michael Yerges

Set Design – Michael Yerges

Costume Design – Thom Sirkot

Properties Design – A’nie Kirchner

Technical Director – Earl Martz

Scene Shop Assistant – Paris Tennenhouse

Tour Manager – Paula Henry