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As a teacher I am fascinated by lifting our movement restrictions so we can not only move lightly, but feel, sense, and think in lighter ways. I teach performers to find more subtlity and ease in their actions and non-performers to find stability and freedom in their movement to come into fuller expression of themselves.

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Morgan listened to my needs and desires for my body. It was perfect for me. It was challenging but exactly what I needed. I can get out of bed and off a chair without making any noises (really).

It also helps me to release stress. This has been life changing for me. Morgan's passion and knowledge are over-the-top outstanding.   - Rosanna B


If you are truly serious about yoga, this is the only way to do it. The one on one attention you receive and the personalized classes can’t be beat! Being taught by someone who is so knowledgable in many different aspects makes all the difference. It's so satisfying to see the results everyday!  - Arianna R


Morgan is a fantastic instructor. I always look forward to our sessions! Thanks Morgan for sharing your passion with us! - Sally H