Feldenkrais Workshop at Farm Arts Collective

Awareness Through Movement with Morgan

Join Morgan for two hours of gentle, thought-provoking and reorganizing movement using  The Feldenkrais Method. 

Out of our immense possibilities for movement, self use and expression we often repeat a small, familiar range of habits we know as ‘ourselves’. While they may be familiar, our habits limit our expression, our thinking, and our range of easy, pleasure movement over time. 

By intentionally guiding our awareness, moving gently and lightly, utilizing curious sequencing, and invoking the same learning mechanisms we used for crawling, babbling and walking – we can offer our intelligent nervous systems possibilities we’ve forgotten have been available to us all along. 

Ideal for performers, farmers, and anyone who has a body! 

We will be laying on the floor for this workshop, so please bring a blanket or mat. 


June 3rd, 2023


Farm Arts Collective

38 Hickory Lane
Damascus, PA 18415