Merry Christmas George Bailey

It’s A Wonderful Wife, Right George?

This heartfelt staged radio play of It’s a Wonderful Life was a real collision of decades.

Following all the podcasts plays produced this year due to the Covid pandemic, re-creating a 1940s radio studio on stage was a joy. Having never actually watched the original film, viewing the story with no nostalgia filter, I had to admit that Mary Hatch rocks! She saves the day (twice)! As the first Christmas show back on stage during a long pandemic, I was touched how much the story of Bedford Falls felt like Bloomsburg, this place that really fostered my artistry as a guest for several years, and the meaning we found as a community in this story. 

Production History

Merry Christmas George Bailey adapted by James Goode was present at The Alvina Kraus Theatre at the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble


November 25th – December 27th, 2021


Sound Effects Operator – A’nie Kirchner

Host, Harry Bailey, Chairman, Ernie, Mr. Welch, Bert – Michael Yerges

Sing-a-long Leader, Quartet, Mrs. Hatch, Tilly, Nicky – Abigail Leffler

Lux Spokesperson, Josephine – Amy Rene Byrne

Clarence Oddbody, AS2 – Andrew Hubatsek

Mr. Carter – Audience Member

Studio Managers – Isabelle Benfield, Elliot Doerschler, Cora Vanderhoof or Emaley Rose

George Bailey – Eric Wunsch

Mary Hatch Bailey – Morgan McKenzie Kauffman

Mr. Gower, Mr. Bailey, Mr. Potter, Mr. Martini – Daniel Roth

Sing-a-long Leader, Quartet, Uncle Billy, Mary’s brother, Bridgekeeper – Thom Sirkot

Quartet, Mrs. Bailey, Hortense – Elizabeth Dowd

Pianists – Aaron Elderidge or Doug Delescavage


Directed by Elizabeth Dowd

Set Design – Aaron White

Costume Design – Thom Sirkot

Lighting Design – Dave Yezefski

Sound Design – Richie Cannaday

Props Design – A’nie Kirchner

Technical Director – Earl Martz

Production Stage Manager – Michael Yerges

Costume Shop Supervisor – Thom Sirkot

Company Stage Manager – A’nie Kirchner

Musical Director – Aaron Eldred