In What Universe…?!

In this intelligent drama, each scene is a whole universe unto itself, where Marianna and Roland’s love story unfolds, collapses, reconstitutes and or ends completely.

As the young physicist Marianna, I had an actors gift of getting to play one character in so many different scenarios. Set in an intimate 90 seat round stage, with minimal set and props, we relied most on our connection to each other and the realities of each vignette.

Production History

Constellations by Nick Payne was presented by at The Alvina Kraus Theatre at The Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble


June 13th – 15th, 2019


Marianna – Morgan McKenzie Kauffman

Roland – Jacob Tarconish


Directed by Daniel Roth

Lighting Design – A’njulean Kirchner

ASL Consultant – Maureen Hill

Scenic Design – Michael Yerges

Costume Design – Thom Sirkot