The Diary of Anne Frank

When the Space IS the Story

Navigating the space of the Frank annex to tell their story was my biggest teacher in this historical drama. That, and observing the limits of their reality for just an hour or so a performance.

As supporting sister Margot, I felt my role and my presence was to fill out the world of Anne’s story. Developing a sisterhood with Anne (Sophie Schulman) proved the easiest part, and I am grateful to her guidance throughout this process.

Press and Audience Feedback

“As the Frank sisters, Schulman and McKenzie…their connection feels sincere, right down to the family fights” – Press Enterprise

“Although Margot (played by Morgan McKenzie) is overshadowed by her younger sister, her scenes with Anne show a quiet warmth” – Williamsport Sun-Gazette

“I was taken with Morgan McKenzie’s (Margot) work. Her character didn’t seem all that tough…[but] often surprised me with sporadic outbursts and change in tempo.” – Audience Feedback

Production History

The Diary of Anne Frank was presented at The Alvina Kraus Theatre at The Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble


September 14th – October 8th, 2017


Anne Frank – Sophie Schulman

Otto Frank – James Goode

Edith Frank – Elizabeth Dowd

Margot Frank – Morgan McKenzie Kauffman

Meip Gies – Amy Rene Byrne

Peter Van Daan – Ryan Hagan

Mr. Kraler – Richard Cannaday

Mrs. Van Daan – Laurie McCants

Mr. Van Daan – Andrew Hubatsek

Mr. Dussel – Eric Wunsch

First Man – Tanner Lenhart or Theo Hintz

Second Man – Nate Stosius or Logan Kissinger

Third Man – Michael Yerges


Directed by Daniel Roth

Set Design – Lynne Porter

Lighting Design – Dave Yezefski

Costume Design – Elizabeth Wislar

Properties Design – A’nie Kirchner

Sound Design – Cassandra Pisieczko

Technical Director – Earl Martz

Production Stage Manager – Michael Yerges

Company Stage Manager – A’nie Kirchner