Time in Motion

What Exactly Are You Looking At?

Time in Motion is a 45 minute performance installation about watching and being watched. Devised by Morgan McKenzie Kauffman with the original ensemble, this silent show uses movement, visual art, instagram culture, and an ever encroaching do-not-cross line to shape an audience experience leaving them wondering: who is really on display here? 

Combining leading neuroscience on visual processing in the digital age, stored body trauma and image perception with body postures from Ancient Greek statues to beveled legs, facial expressions of busts to selfies, Time in Motion asks what, quite literally, shapes us?

Audience Feedback

“There were ah-ha moments that were just exceptional. I really wasn’t expecting the movement.”

“There was something not human about the presence of the statue. I had this feeling like ‘oh that’s not real’, and then of course it is.”

“It was cool having them surround us..to have to peer around, that was really cool”


R&D was supported by Erickson Discovery Grant and The Arts Design and Research Incubator (ADRI).

Performance History

Penn State School of Theatre, PA, 2016

Arts Research and Design Incubator, PA, 2017

Original Ensemble

Alicia Campbell

Darah Donaher

Ellie Milewski

Nat Schlaffer

Margaret Phipps

Creative Team

Directed by Morgan McKenzie Kauffman

Makeup Design by Matina Liana

Outside Eyes: Andrew Belser, Elisha Clark Halpin